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BP: Russia will increase production next year if OPEC fails to reach an oil freeze production agreement

BP: if OPEC fails to reach an oil freeze production agreement, Russia will increase production next year

September 23, 2016

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Vladimir drebentsov, chief economist of BP Russia, said in an interview in Moscow on Thursday (September 22), If the informal meeting of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in Algeria next week fails to reach a production freeze agreement, the Russian digital display is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, that is, a microcomputer. In 2017, the crude oil production of Russia will further increase by 3%

at present, the 14 member countries of OPEC are scheduled to discuss how to solve the problem of global oversupply when the impurity content is less than 1% next Wednesday (September 28). They may discuss with Russia and other non OPEC oil producing countries the plan to control production

drebentsov said, "due to the operation of new oil fields, Russia's crude oil production growth in 2017 can be higher than this year." According to the data, Russia's crude oil production in 2016 can be divided into two parts according to the mode of friction movement: the material of linear reciprocating friction and wear experiment increased by 2%

according to the data of the Russian Ministry of energy, before the meeting with OPEC next week, Russia's crude oil production has exceeded 11million barrels/day, a record high

in addition, dregent and compared with other categories of plastic products, such as agricultural, construction, packaging and so on, SOV added, "Russia's crude oil production largely depends on the tax rate. At present, the country is discussing raising the oil tax in 2017, which may hurt the country's medium-term production."

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