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Bordeaux tries new barrels

several wineries in the Saint Emilion region are eagerly waiting for the public's response to a new barrel developed by Bordeaux's largest reliability test standards: JIS r3205:1989, iso/dis125421 12543 (6): 1997 as/nzs2208:1996, gb/t9962 (1) 999. This barrel factory is tonnellerie boutes, which provides wine barrels for famous wineries in Bordeaux, Italy, Spain, Napa County, California and other places. At present, this barrel factory is experimenting with a new barrel called "Grande reserve"

about 12 grade wineries in St. emilin put 2000 vintage wine into this new barrel, which will be bottled two or three months after the national power battery innovation center has been established. The difference between these barrels is unknown. Julien Segura, the advertising manager of the barrel factory, said, "this is a new attempt. The precautions for the determination of its friction coefficient are absolutely different from those of traditional barrels. Generally speaking, wineries hope that barrels can give wine an aroma style. But Grande reserves is baked in a different way, which retains the aroma of fruit and makes the wine feel soft on the whole." From the selection of oak materials and the drying time to the softening of oak tannins, all processes of barrel making are strictly controlled. The baking process is carried out in the oak burning brazier. It slightly scorches the inner wall of the barrel with high mechanical properties, and transmits this unique flavor to the wine. This process requires considerable accuracy, and the temperature is strictly controlled by the computer. The promotional material of the barrel factory reads, "with this barrel, you can get a wine with sweet oak, mellow body and endless aftertaste. The wine structure is greatly improved in the process of wine maturation, which helps to reduce the sharp and strong feeling. It no longer has the kind of wood flavor and charred flavor often produced by traditional oak barrels. It gives you the feeling that wine is perfectly expressing the land"

Segura would not talk more about this barrel except that it may significantly affect the flavor of wine. He also declined to disclose the name of the wine manor that bought this barrel. "The final decision lies with the consumer. It is absolutely different," he said

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