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Siveco assisted a paper-making enterprise in Nanjing to carry out the condition monitoring project

as an extension of the group's maintenance and improvement project (involving 15 factories) two years ago, the world-renowned paper-making enterprise chose siveco to carry out the condition monitoring project for its Nanjing packaging factory in the near future. The factory mainly produces corrugated board, cartons and other packaging products

as a vibration analysis expert, Mr. puleno, general manager of siveco China, said: for many years, domestic condition monitoring has always been guided by hardware equipment, and the detection terminal plus simple training can significantly reduce the downtime for customers. Due to the lack of practical results, these devices are often shelved and no longer used when the initial enthusiasm fades. Some people think that monitoring can solve this problem, but the situation will only get worse because it is out of the control of technicians

on the contrary, he added: the maintenance and improvement strategy implemented by siveco is to adjust the priority of work based on the systematic analysis of faults and their effects. Status monitoring is only one of the tools to assist the overall improvement, that is, integrating the status detection tool with bluebee mobile inspection scheme and CMMS background to motivate the team to carry out specific work. Of course, in addition to tools, the applicable methods and follow-up are also the key to achieving the goals

the whole Nanjing turnkey project includes:

using the central CMMS system as an auxiliary tool, A long-term maintenance and improvement project led by siveco experts

(provided by siveco partner acome 01db metroavib) with state detection equipment

define state monitoring points based on FMECA (failure mode, impact and severity analysis)

establish management processes (develop inspection routes and analysis)

Training and guidance for technical personnel

follow up audit

about siveco China

based on its long-term experience in maintenance work with Chinese characteristics, as the largest maintenance and management consulting company in China, siveco has developed a unique maintenance and management solution to meet the maintenance needs of industrial enterprises, property management and (Infrastructure) owners by using high-tech technical tools. As we all know, the traditional asset management market has always been dominated by it suppliers, and siveco, founded and operated by professional maintainers, has always been committed to providing customers with rapid and sustainable maintenance and improvement results

it is committed to assisting owners to implement best maintenance practices in the fields of maintenance, facility (property) management and risk prevention. Siveco's services include: Maintenance Evaluation, maintenance engineering, CMMS system implementation, etc. At the same time, siveco can also provide customers with a bluebee mobile maintenance management solution based on its own cloud computing platform, and can synchronize data with any background maintenance management system (coswin, Maximo, SAP PM, datastream, etc.) that is often used in scientific research institutions, testing institutions, new product development and other management systems

siveco has more than 60 customers and more than 500 project sites in China, including abb, Alstom, arnovigens, Arkema, Beijing Oriental Plaza, Brose automotive, Carrefour China, Great Wall property group, China National Electric Corporation, Danfoss, 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, France natural gas Suez group, IKEA, Wanguo paper, kenos, Nokia, Saint Gobain group, Sichuan Lutianhua Sogfy, state power, ZF, etc

siveco China belongs to the French siveco group, the largest CMMS supplier in Europe. The group now has more than 82000 users worldwide. Scientists even predict that graphene will completely change the 21st century

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