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The development of testing technology for plastic flexible packaging materials

the development of flexible packaging materials in China is only a matter of nearly 20 years, especially in the past 10 years, through the large-scale introduction of raw materials, film production equipment, printing equipment, composite equipment, etc., the production, development and use of flexible packaging materials are increasing, and new products and materials emerge in endlessly. It is more and more important to evaluate the physical properties of materials, and the test technology and various performance test methods and standards have also been produced. The testing of plastic flexible packaging materials is of great significance for controlling the quality of plastic products, guiding processing, and studying the physical properties, structural relationships, and scope of use of plastic materials. The following is about the development of domestic testing technology

development process of flexible packaging testing technology

1 Understanding stage of testing technology

in the 1980s, people had a relatively weak sense of quality and insufficient understanding of the importance of material testing. Although some national quality inspection institutions and colleges have purchased or directly imported testing instruments through associations, and some enterprises have bundled testing instruments while introducing production equipment, the frequency of using testing instruments is extremely low at this time, while domestic instruments are almost blank

2. The slow development stage of testing technology

in the 1990s, testing technology has achieved slow development. The main reasons are as follows

(1) the flexible packaging industry has made certain development. Domestic research on testing instruments has begun, and there are more companies specializing in importing testing instruments

(2) the state has strengthened the formulation of flexible packaging inspection standards and the introduction of foreign advanced standards

(3) research institutes and quality inspection institutes pay more and more attention to the research and inspection of flexible packaging products. The research on proofreading flexible packaging materials in Colleges and universities has been deepening, and relevant courses have been opened one after another

(4) some well-known domestic state-owned, foreign-funded, joint ventures and other enterprises have increased requirements for quality inspection

although the above factors have promoted the development of testing technology, a considerable number of enterprises still focus on inspection and pay insufficient attention to quality control. Moreover, many factors, such as the high price of imported instruments and the price in the process of Jinan assaying experiment, have also limited the rapid development of flexible packaging product inspection

the foundation screws can be tightened or the foundation can be reinforced. 3 Rapid development stage of testing technology

since entering the 21st century, testing technology has achieved rapid development, mainly in the following aspects

(1) with the intensification of market competition, the domestic demand for experimental instruments has entered a period of rapid development

the world-class packaging and printing enterprises are accelerating their development in China by means of absolute holding, new wholly-owned production enterprises and holding companies, mergers and acquisitions of Chinese advantageous enterprises, and they have brought new production management and quality awareness. Domestic packaging and printing enterprises are aware of the crisis and great opportunities, and spare no effort to improve the competitiveness of enterprises through various ways. Most enterprises realize that quality is the life of enterprises and an important guarantee for their survival and development. More and more attention is paid to product quality. One of the important links to improve product quality is quality inspection. Regular inspection in the quality inspection department cannot fundamentally solve the quality problem, and the inspection cost is not cheap. Therefore, a considerable number of enterprises have set up their own quality inspection departments to purchase inspection equipment and conduct self inspection anytime and anywhere

(2) national macro policies have played a positive role

the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) has put forward updated requirements for the safety of flexible packaging for food, drugs and other products. It has issued 35 new standards for drug packaging materials, and plans to include 150 kinds of drug packaging materials in the 2005 Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China, which means that the government will include drug packaging materials in the scope of drug administration in a few years. In this context, some packaging users are also constantly adding quality inspection equipment, such as Hunan Jiuzhitang, Chengde Jingfukang, Jiangsu Sihuan and other pharmaceutical enterprises have purchased flexible packaging quality inspection equipment to check raw materials and ensure the shelf life of drugs after leaving the factory

(3) the development of domestic instruments makes it possible for the rapid development of testing technology

in recent years, the improvement of the overall industrial technology level in China has made people have a new understanding of domestic instruments, and their trust has increased. Many manufacturers who originally used imported instruments have also purchased domestic instruments, because the maintenance service of imported products is not as good as expected, and the maintenance cost is too high. Domestic instrument manufacturers, such as Jinan Languang, continue to invest in R & D and put professional and cost-effective series of instruments into the market, making the rapid development of testing technology possible

(4) the application of testing technology has obvious regional characteristics

in economically developed areas, there is also a strong demand for testing instruments, such as Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Beijing and Tianjin

current situation of flexible packaging test instruments

(1) the automation of flexible packaging test instruments is improved, the test results are more accurate, and the test time is shorter

taking the moisture permeability tester as an example, the traditional test step is to carry out tensile test on the incubator first, and the machine is widely used in metrology and quality inspection; Rubber plastic; Metallurgical steel; Machinery manufacturing; Electronic appliances; Automobile production; Textile chemical fiber; Wires and cables; Packaging materials and food; Instruments and Apparatuses; medical apparatus and instruments; Civil nuclear energy; Civil aviation; Colleges and universities; Institute of scientific research and experiment; Commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments; Building materials ceramics; Petrochemical industry; Constant temperature in other industries, then fix the sample on the moisture permeable cup, put it into the incubator, take it out every certain time, weigh it continuously for 3 times, and take the average value of 3 times. In this way, there are too many human factors, and the accuracy is greatly reduced by the influence of ambient temperature. It usually takes about a week to measure a group of samples with the national standard method

the modern moisture permeability tester uses computer control, high intelligence and automatic operation, and the whole process does not need manual intervention. It completely eliminates the errors caused by artificial weighing or the influence of ambient temperature in the national standard, and is compatible with relevant international standards. The test cycle is short and the efficiency is greatly improved. It can be calibrated at any time, and the temperature control accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃

(2) software function enhancement. For example, it can store a large number of experimental data, curve analysis and superposition, and classify and query at any time, which is more convenient for research

(3) the test standard has been continuously improved in recent years. For example, the formulation of breathable GB/T and moisture permeable gb/t and the introduction of new standards meet the needs of development

(4) the inspection items are increasing. With the development of food flexible packaging industry, gas packaging and modified atmosphere packaging have also been widely used, and expanded to more fields (such as chemical industry, pesticides, etc.), so the corresponding test items are also increasing and changing, such as: the barrier test should consider not only oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, but also organic gases

(5) the equipment is more professional. For example, PC intelligent electronic tensile testing machine can test the tensile strength, elongation, tear, peel, heat sealing strength, puncture force, etc. of flexible packaging materials, and each experiment has independent professional software, which truly realizes specialization and intelligence

(6) domestic experimental equipment has made a breakthrough in technology. The performance of some products has reached the international advanced level

although the current flexible packaging testing instrument has a very high technical level and powerful function, and then adjust the range to the required size according to the actual rough measurement results, there are still some factors that hinder it from playing its maximum role. For example, some national standards are lagging behind, some new products have no relevant standards, and some manufacturers do not pay enough attention to the use environment of testing instruments, which seriously affect the test results

the latest development trend of flexible packaging testing technology

(1) establishing a perfect laboratory system and connecting each laboratory instrument can not only reduce the burden of users on data collection and management, but also improve the accuracy and reliability of data

(2) with the development of technology, the software function of a single instrument is more perfect and powerful

(3) more advanced inspection methods continue to appear

① cup moisture permeameter will be developed to multi cavity tester to further improve the test efficiency

② multi head heat sealing experimental instrument (i.e. gradient instrument) will be widely used

③ organic matter permeameter is expected to appear

(4) domestic instruments will occupy a larger market with their many advantages

(5) with the increase of market demand, the inspection items of flexible packaging continue to increase. Now, the next five years will be the period of rapid development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry, and the testing of drug packaging materials must be increased, such as dissolved substances, heavy metals, easy oxides, nonvolatile substances, microbial limits and abnormal toxicity

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