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Six departments in Chongqing worked together with 41 painters to receive a salary of 520000

in the Jiangbei District migrant workers' wage arrears complaint center, 41 migrant workers received a total salary of 520000 for four months

Gongsiquan, 33, said that he is from Taihe Town, Hechuan. In terms of technology, he evenly integrates high concentration ceramic particles into the fiber. The villagers introduced him to the first floor of Guanyinqiao to work on exterior wall coating. At that time, the team leader said that 22 yuan per square meter would be paid when he finished his work. He worked for four months, and the salary was 24000. He finished his work at the beginning of this month, but he didn't pay for half a month, which made him uneasy

the Jiangbei migrant workers' wage arrears complaint center was established by the Jiangbei District human resources and Social Security Bureau, the district urban and rural construction commission, the district petition office, the District Federation of trade unions, the district Judicial Bureau, and the district public security branch. The investigation of the center found that the team leader who undertook the project misappropriated the progress payment paid by the exterior wall company to other projects, and only gave the migrant workers 1500 yuan of living expenses every month. By the end of the year, the team leader also had no money to pay, so he had to ask the company for money on the grounds that the company did not pay for the production line of high-performance composite decoration materials they had recently completed. In order to enable migrant workers to receive wages in time, the complaint center negotiated with the developer and the company, and the exterior wall company allocated the balance payment in advance to pay wages

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