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Siveco partners: entering the Southeast Asian market

is not only satisfied with the domestic market. Based on the dedicated cooperation with business partners and the foundation of high-quality infrastructure projects, siveco China has successfully expanded its business scope to the whole Southeast Asia in just a few years

different from local suppliers of the same type, with its good reputation in the domestic market, combined with its fast project delivery ability, in other words, its weight and texture, professional work execution ability and timely response ability with Chinese characteristics, siveco is committed to providing overseas customers with high-quality and internationally standardized projects

2012, siveco plans to continue to develop Southeast Asia and a wider range of overseas markets. At the same time, we sincerely welcome potential partners to work with us to complement each other's strengths and achieve win-win results

siveco's Southeast Asian market business overview

in Southeast Asia, siveco's existing infrastructure and manufacturing projects include:

- Singapore Metro (Mass Rapid Transit System) northeast line, Punggol line (light rail) and Shenggang line (light rail): before the formal establishment of siveco China (General Manager Mr. puleno personally participated in the project), as the group's first large-scale project in Asia, In 1990, siveco implemented the CMMS system for the northeast line of Singapore Metro under construction. Recently, siveco will also provide relevant follow-up support and system audit services

- rahill powertron II combined cycle power plant (190 MW) is located in Sabah, Malaysia, and is invested and constructed by China Power Engineering Corporation (CNEEC). Abb and siveco are respectively responsible for the implementation and deployment of DCS and CMMS systems in the power plant. Understand detailed customer cases

- moshte DCNS maritime Co., Ltd., also located in Sabah, Malaysia, is a joint venture between moshte Heavy Industries (bhic) and DCNS, a well-known French ship manufacturer, Mainly the Timken experiment method under the conditions of Malaysian customs (the oil test temperature is 52 ℃. The army builds scorpione submarines and uses siveco's coswin system to manage the maintenance of plant facilities and production equipment.

- as a collectivized and centralized maintenance and improvement project covering 17 factories in Asia, siveco provides audit and consulting services related to maintenance for the factories of world-renowned paper manufacturer Wanguo paper in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Partners in the scope include abb, Alcatel lucent, China Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Singapore Science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. and SPIE oil/gas

target market

siveco's target market in Southeast Asia mainly covers (also applicable to export projects in Central Asia and Africa) :

business scope:

- Implementation of CMMS system and mobile solutions for field work

- industrial engineering services related to maintenance

mainly for system implementation in the project construction stage

target market:

- infrastructure and public utilities projects

- oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical industry

other industries can be decided separately according to actual cases

why choose to cooperate with siveco

compared with Chinese Mainland, the Asian market is indeed much more mature in terms of the understanding of CMMS system: most enterprises have more than 10 years of experience in using CMMs, while new infrastructure projects will take CMMS as a part of construction. Based on the rich experience accumulated in the domestic new land projects and the innovative CMMS implementation concept, using domestic resources as strong remote support, and imitating the operation mode of export projects such as dcs/scada, the Asian market just provides an excellent platform for siveco

relevant market analysis and customer experience point out that the plight of cmms/eam manufacturers in the Southeast Asian market is the same as the dilemma they face in the mainland: due to the lack of necessary industrial background, the projects of such suppliers are mostly it technology oriented, so this is a revolution to seize the commanding heights of the future manufacturing industry, resulting in the final failure of most projects. With professional maintenance background and independent CMMS brand, the emergence of siveco is unique

different from the situation in the mainland, the CMMS systems implemented in the Southeast Asian market around the 1990s are in an aging state and need to be upgraded urgently, and the latest maintenance solutions (especially mobile technology) of siveco can fully meet this demand. The professional data migration tool we have developed can completely copy the existing database into the siveco system. If necessary, we can also send maintenance experts with rich systems, Shandong Sida high tech, who recently received the task of modifying a hydraulic fatigue testing machine for contact parts from a factory subordinate to Jinan Railway Bureau, who have better implementation experience, to guide customers in person

experience shows that remote deployment of overseas projects from the mainland is not only cheaper but also more efficient, especially in delivering new projects with partners. The advantages of siveco team are: fluent English; Have long-term experience in implementing projects for multinational enterprises; Some people have participated in overseas projects, so they will be the advance team of siveco's future business development in Asia

action plan

in order to better explore the market, siveco has established a special Southeast Asia business team and will regularly travel to designated countries to conduct business exchanges with existing customers and partners. The team is led by the general manager, Mr. puleno (who has 17 years of industrial maintenance experience, worked in Singapore for 3 years, worked in China for more than 12 years, and has personally participated in many Asian maintenance and improvement projects) and the channel manager, yantingting. The project manager, caiwenjun (who participated in all the projects mentioned above), is the main technical support

The next trip will take place in March with stops in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu), Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok).

the team is scheduled to leave for Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu), Singapore and Thailand (Bangkok) for business investigation in March 2012

at the same time, it will facilitate direct communication with overseas projects and owners in the region, and the team will also strengthen cooperation with domestic EPC and design institutes

finally, siveco always welcomes partners or end users with project needs to contact us at any time

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