The hottest situation in Japan is coming. Let's se

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Japan's most feared situation is coming. Let's see how Chinese technology enterprises force Japan to death

Japan is a country with scarce resources and relying on the international market. What it fears most is the loss of the market. In just a decade, the rise of China in various industries has been squeezed so that the self-adhesive label rolled on the standard experimental board by the daily standard roller is breathless

remember the story of "Japanese children's summer camp", which was once boasted to be fantastic, but today's Japan is plagued by otaku culture! But this has been blown to the skies by some Chinese people

"China can make all kinds of powerful high-tech, but it can't even make an SLR camera". If China can only do image engineering and still hold this view, you must still live in the last century

why do you say so? Let's take a look at the examples of previous years

ten years ago, some people said that Hitachi TV was so good and Panasonic TV was so high-definition, but China couldn't even make a TV set, so now there are not many Japanese TVs on the market. The rapid rise of China's TV industry has crushed the Japanese TV market

ten years ago, some people said that Toshiba computers in Japan are so powerful that China doesn't even have a computer brand. Toshiba computers on the market today can be called pandas. Lenovo has now become the leader of the PC side, acquiring IBM in the United States. The PC industry in Japan is declining

ten years ago, some people said that Sony and sharp in Japan were better than those in China, and China could only build a fake machine. Looking at today's Japanese market, Huawei pressed Japanese manufacturers. In July 2015, Japan ranked first in the open market share

ten years ago, some people said that Sanyo's washing machine was easier to use than domestic ones, and China didn't even have the technology to make washing machines. Haier's washing machines were not only sold all over the world, but also made washing machines specially for washing potatoes. Japanese media even called Haier the gravedigger of Japanese household appliance industry

five years ago, it was said that Japan built aircraft carriers in World War II, but China has not built aircraft carriers yet. Now China not only has the Liaoning, but also is the only country in Asia that is building heavy aircraft carriers


this is to force Japan to a dead end. Electrical appliances, computers, etc. have gradually disappeared from Japan. Japan said that the only things left are cameras and cars. Now we still have to say that China can't even build digital cameras and cars. In that case, it will only be ten years, and Japan may have nothing left, which is widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, cars, hot water, machinery, medical appliances, food processing machinery and so on

let's look back and see why China doesn't produce digital cameras

nowadays, the electronic structure of SLR cameras is not only complex, but also fine, but these can be made in China. Then why doesn't China make it

the main reason is that the market is saturated, and new participants face great market thresholds, with large short-term investment and high risks. So most entrepreneurs are not interested in making SLRs

SLR is a highly commercialized thing, with patent thresholds and technical barriers. Our enterprise has invested a lot of money and manpower. Compared with Canon Nikon, the camera produced in a short time does not occupy any technical advantage and cannot shake its industry leadership. No enterprise is willing to do such investment

of these four things, one or more of them can be made in countries on earth. One palm counts, China can make them, and how many can Japan make them? Can only make accessories

the lens and photosensitive chip on the military optical reconnaissance satellite are the real high-tech. That lens, all with radioactive radiation, high-end! However, consumer grade digital cameras cannot be made, but cannot be sold. Cost and patent barriers make it unprofitable to make them

Chinese people should be confident

the mentality of Chinese people is very interesting. They always like to compare their own country's shortcomings with the strengths of other countries. They have to be the best in all industries. As long as one industry can't be the first and the second, it can't be accepted, and then fall into the strange circle of self denial

there is a good joke: there are only two countries in the world, China and foreign countries

Chinese people live a tiring life, not only comparing sports with blacks, but also comparing technology with whites, not only comparing cars with Germany, but also comparing software with the United States, aircraft with aircraft carriers, electronics with Japan, animation with South Korea, beauty with Thailand, massage with India, democracy with northern Europe, and the advantages of high strength and light weight of carbon fiber composite scheme set ", and Africa than primitive style, and South America than forest, Test the application characteristics and service life characteristics of waste pipes. Compare them with New Zealand's milk, Argentina's beef, Brazil's football, Mexico's gangs, Russia's nuclear bomb, Britain's aristocracy, France's debauchery, and Italy's noodles

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