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In the next 10 years, the supply of natural rubber in the world will fall short of demand.

in 2004, the world's natural rubber output was 8.22 million tons and the consumption was 8.29 million tons. Some experts predicted that it would reach 10million tons in 2010 and 17million tons in 2030. In the next 10 years, the supply of natural rubber in the world may fall short of demand

Wang suitong, former director of Hainan agricultural reclamation Wenchang Rubber Research Institute and deputy director of agricultural reclamation science and Technology Department, believes that the consumption of natural rubber is closely related to the world economic development and the use of synthetic rubber (using oil as raw material). Rubber is mainly used in tires (accounting for about 77%), industry, medical treatment, sports, etc. Wang suitong said that the continuous development of the world economy will inevitably increase the demand for natural rubber. Although the world economic growth has been slow in recent years, the gap between the demand for natural rubber and the United States in this regard may be 4510 years, which is still increasing year by year. According to the data of the last six years, the consumption of natural rubber in the world is generally more than 100000 times, which is equivalent to the growth of rubber production listed by Tianxian, while the inventory has hardly increased. Affected by the rising price of raw materials and the shortage of oil resources, the development prospect of synthetic rubber is not optimistic; Natural rubber has superior performance, which will increase its proportion in the rubber industry. And in the future, with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people's ecological awareness, the new uses of rubber products and rubber trees will continue to expand, such as the utilization of latex components, the production of high-value products using transgenic trees, and the market demand of rubber wood is 6 Lack of oil in the tank for growth, etc

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