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Guangxi: Six expressways will be opened and completed, and 4600 kilometers of expressways in the region will be broken.

Guangxi: Six expressways will be opened and completed, and 4600 kilometers of expressways in the region will be broken.

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on December 27, the main venue of the on-site meeting of major expressway projects in the region was held at the interface of Wutang toll station in Wutang Town, Nanning city. At the same time, the on-site meeting of project commencement was held at the sub venues in Beihai, Yulin, Wuzhou, Hechi and other cities

on the same day, Liuzhou via Heshan to Nanning, Lipu to Yulin, Songwang to Tieshangang East, due to the considerable weight of the upper beam, tie rod and workbench, the construction of five expressway projects from Hezhou to Bama (Zhaoping to Mengshan section), Hezhou to Bama (Du'an to Bama section) was started, and the pavement reconstruction project of Guilin Liuzhou Expressway (Liaotian to Luzhai North Interchange) was opened to traffic

it is reported that the Liuzhou Heshan Nanning expressway is jointly invested and constructed by Guangxi Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Guangxi new development Transportation Group Co., Ltd. after completion and opening to traffic, it will end the history of no Expressway in Xincheng County, Laibin City, and effectively alleviate the traffic pressure of the original Liuzhou Nanning expressway, especially the Liujing Sanan section

the completion and opening of the Lipu Yulin expressway project will promote the formation of the "cross" shaped economic growth engine of the Xijiang economic corridor and the Guilin Guiping Beihai golden tourism coastline

Songwang Tieshangang east bank expressway is a planned new expressway channel to the sea in Guangxi. After the project is completed and opened to traffic, it will accelerate the formation of urban spatial structure in Yulin City, accelerate the industrialized development of workers in Bobai County to provide severance payments for remaining employees, further drive the construction of industrial parks along the line, and realize the "integration of port, industry and city"

Hezhou Bama Expressway starts from Hezhou City and passes through 14 counties and districts in 7 districts and cities including Hezhou, Guilin and Wuzhou. The project can enter the system exit screen, spanning three economic zones in eastern, central and Western Guangxi. It is one of the important east-west highway channels in Guangxi

the pavement reconstruction project of Guilin Liuzhou Expressway (Liaotian Luzhai North Interchange) was commenced on September 15, 2015. After the project is opened to traffic, the service level will be comprehensively improved

according to the person in charge of the Department of transportation of the autonomous but interconnected region, 19 projects have been continued in Guangxi this year, with 2238 kilometers of continued construction and 367 kilometers of new highways open to traffic. It is expected that the total mileage of highways in the region will reach 4656 kilometers by the end of the year. This year, five counties (autonomous counties) including Daxin, Tiandeng, Sanjiang, Rongshui and Rong'an will be connected to highways, and the county-level highway connection rate will reach 85%

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