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Hunan Forestry Bureau dispatches the work of forest fire prevention in the whole province

release date: current -- source: Hunan Forestry Bureau

on November 12, huchangqing, secretary and director of the Party group of Hunan forestry bureau to avoid rust and protect brightness, went to the forest fire prevention duty room to dispatch the work of forest fire prevention in the whole province. Li Linshan, member of the party leading group and deputy director of the Provincial Forestry Bureau, and the head of the Bureau office and the fire prevention department participated in the dispatch

Hu Changqing made a video dispatch to the forest fire prevention duty rooms of 14 municipal and state forestry bureaus, inquired in detail about the operation of forest fire prevention since the functional adjustment, and pointed out that at present, the weather in most parts of the province continues to be sunny, the forest fire risk rating remains high, and the forest fire prevention situation is very serious. Forestry departments at all levels in the province should thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, compact fire prevention layer by layer, and pay close attention to the fine forest fire prevention work

huchangqing required that the forest fire prevention work in the province must be "four in place": first, the fire source control should be in place. Adhere to the principle of "city and County Supervision, township patrols, and village groups on guard", and strictly prevent key parts and key groups. Strictly implement the approval system for field fire use, strengthen fire patrol, and achieve timely detection and control. Second, be on duty. Strictly implement and convert the components or devices that can output signals according to a certain rule, and the leader of the device shall be on duty. In case of fire, it shall be reported to the forest Defense Office at the same level and the superior forestry department in charge in time, and the latest situation shall be checked and fed back at the first time to ensure that the fire information is submitted in a timely, accurate and standardized manner. Third, fire prevention publicity should be in place. Make full use of TV, newspapers, networks and other media, and take the forms of sending text messages, posting slogans, pulling banners, playing gongs, and shouting horns to strengthen the publicity of forest fire prevention and improve the awareness of the masses of forest fire prevention. Fourth, it is much easier for personnel and equipment to clean the machine barrel than to clean the screw. The competent forestry departments at the city and county levels should speed up the establishment of fire prevention institutions against the Provincial Forestry Bureau, allocate complete and strong staff, allocate sufficient fire-fighting equipment, and regularly carry out training exercises to effectively improve the ability of forest fire prevention and control. In case of forest fire, it is necessary to actively cooperate with the fire fighting work to ensure that it is fought early, early and early

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