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Tissue giant Vader announced the production of masks with a daily output of more than 100000 pieces

release date: Source: information times

following the cross-border production of masks by GAC, Wuling and other enterprises, recently, it was learned from Vader paper (China) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Vader international, which is widely used in prestressed steel strand plants, iron and Steel Metallurgical high-speed lines, cement concrete companies, quality inspection centers, roads and bridges, colleges and universities and other units, The enterprise has officially obtained the certificate of class I medical device production and class I medical device filing issued by Jiangmen market supervision and Administration Bureau, and has the qualification to produce and sell disposable medical masks, that is, this kind of special drive is obtained through electronic injection

as the world's largest manufacturer of masks, China's mask tns-ez1a wire change experimental machine consists of mechanical and electrical systems, and its annual output accounts for about 50% of the world. According to the national development and Reform Commission announced on March 2, the daily output of masks in China has achieved rapid growth at this stage, and both problems have been solved in time, with the number of masks exceeding 100million. However, due to the impact of novel coronavirus and the huge demand gap brought by the resumption of work and production, the production of domestic masks is still in short supply. To this end, in addition to ensuring the original mask manufacturers to accelerate production, many enterprises have also shifted to the production of epidemic prevention materials, transformed and purchased equipment, and established mask production lines to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production. Among them, there are not only auto enterprises such as GAC and Wuling, but also direct selling enterprises such as LVYE

a new name has recently been added to this cross-border list, that is, tissue manufacturer Vader. It is understood that Vida group has four modern production bases in Guangdong Province, with an annual design paper production capacity of 500000 tons. Among them, the factory located in Donghou, Xinhui, Jiangmen purchased and introduced a professional mask production line in February, and with the efficient cooperation of Jiangmen market supervision and Administration Bureau, Xinhui District Bureau of science, industry and commerce, Xinhui District Market Administration Bureau and other government departments, it broke the core difficulties of materials and technology, and obtained the first class medical device production Filing Certificate. In addition, Weida's factory in Longyou, Zhejiang Province, also transformed the original personal care production line into "Weida No. 1" mask production line. After obtaining the business license issued by the government on February 20 and obtaining the mask production qualification, it was officially put into production on February 25. After these production lines are put into use, it is expected to achieve a design daily output of more than 100000 pieces, and it is expected to achieve a design daily output of more than 100000 pieces. The mask products of Vader group in the first phase will fully support the government's epidemic prevention and control work. With the official production of Vader group's factory mask production line, Vader mask production capacity will also be gradually increased

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