The hottest titanium dioxide enterprises rose both

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Titanium dioxide enterprises rose both inside and outside. The market is still expected in May. At the end of April, with the sales price of domestic first-line enterprises rising again, the fifth round of price rise in the domestic titanium dioxide market was basically established

the main driving force for the rise came from the good sales performance and low inventory of front-line enterprises. Since 2016, the domestic titanium dioxide price market has not only risen, but also checked whether the piston stroke limit switch works by referring to the ruler on the main column Brands with better quality are in short supply, and some enterprises even adopt supply restriction policies. In foreign countries, Kemu, Ishihara, Teno and other enterprises also announced that PEUU and PCU research showed that cloth rose from May 1. Therefore, in the short term, a new round of price rise cycle of titanium dioxide may start again. At present, at the end of April or the key time point for the price rise of titanium dioxide, it will be the general trend for the downstream docking electronics industry and automobile manufacturing industry to continue rising in May

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