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[depth] changes and invariance of the information review system in the construction machinery industry

as an industry strongly associated with policy fluctuations, the construction machinery industry in 2019 seems to have reached the threshold of cyclical reincarnation. Facing the prediction of rising or falling tide, where will industry practitioners go? Seeing the sudden rise of new forces, how can industry veterans calmly deal with it? The author will try to find the answer with you from the change and invariance of the construction machinery industry

for this reason, the author carefully studied the relevant agreement texts of more than 20 brands in Beijing Fage database, and verified the industry data and materials, hoping to analyze the changes and changes in the construction machinery industry one by one from five series of articles on business model, risk control system, credit audit system, contract system and legal system, and try to find out the small trends and variables that may lead to butterfly changes in the industry, so as to provide reference for industry practitioners

as for the value of credit review, the author believes that Feng Lun has made it clear in normal speech that the nature of a thing is not whether you do it or not, but with whom. In doing business, we place special emphasis on identifying qualified counterparties. Why should we identify qualified counterparties? It depends on whether the people you work with have the ability to perform. Whether his credit is good or not, and whether he will abide by the agreement, the final result of your business is decided here

as we usually say in the passage, these misbehaving ladies, if she is with an underworld or other bad guys, are usually called prostitution. However, if you are with Cai E, little Impatiens, you will feel that it is an eternal romance. The same thing, the posture has not changed, the result is different. So remember: one thing is not whether to do it or not, but with whom

the picture shows the final show of the 2018 year of the horse and the ox, "normal speech"

the above discussion has been enough to illustrate the importance of the credit review. Unfortunately, the importance of credit review in our construction machinery industry is not as usual. It can be said that the credit audit system lags behind the development speed of the industry to a certain extent. The current great development stems from the fact that we have experienced blood lessons before we gradually pay attention to it


three misunderstandings of the credit audit

1 the file collection function says that

for the credit audit, many people in the industry think that it is to collect data or file a lawsuit for backup, so it is more connected from the perspective of file collection. Therefore, the lack of basic analysis and screening leads to the passing of businesses that should not be done; Put the car that should not be put away; The return visit confirmation that should not be omitted is skipped

2 complex sales procedures say that

construction machinery is a trading company, and the order rate is the key. It's just a matter of walking around in the form of letter review, which makes customers think that the company is very formal or has a sense of ceremony. There is no need to strictly review it to avoid losing orders and delaying fighters. Moreover, the occupancy rate has increased, even if there is a risk, it can be accommodated

3 the prevention and control function is limited.

the credit audit can only judge the customer's credit status and repayment ability when signing the bill, and cannot dynamically control the customer's business status after obtaining the equipment. In practice, there are still many overdue or even lost customers who have passed the credit review. The final creditor's rights still depend on litigation or towing


the third stage of information review is to measure the level and level of information review in the industry through force measuring sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems. After finishing, the author believes that there are the following three levels, which need to be practiced in turn

1 anti hand slip

this is mainly about heart problems. Common problems are incomplete data collection, follow the process, and do not distinguish identity and materials. The clients of my company encountered similar cases, but fortunately, the Fage team warned in time and took effective measures, and finally successfully recovered the losses

in this case, the company encountered a customer who proposed to buy the car in full and delivered the acceptance bill. As soon as the seller was excited, he signed the bill and handed it in. Finally, it was found that the bill delivered by the customer was a commercial bill without bank guarantee. At the same time, the drawer had been filed after a criminal case. In a blink of an eye, the sales and company comedies turned into tragedies, and the car was at risk of being unable to cash its ticket. The problem of this case lies in the lack of basic confidence in the company's credit review and sales, and the lack of a comprehensive review of the types of bills, whether they are guaranteed, and the solvency of the bill issuer

2 anti "holing"

this is mainly about experience value. The common problem is to sell what should not be sold: fraud list; It is doomed to be dragged back after being sold; Cross regional names; The equipment is difficult to be towed back; Disputes are inevitable

the author encountered a case where the customer sold only for sale, resulting in subsequent passivity

the specific case is that the company encountered a mining area customer who ordered five large-scale excavators in one-time installments, and the down payment can be paid 30%. The mining area business is normal. 5. Professional module experimental software is often used, which is arguably a high-quality customer

but wait a minute. As this customer is a local upstart, he is grumpy, often beats and scolds the machine operators, and lacks the concept of equipment maintenance, so there have been disputes over maintenance problems after the sale of products of other brands, which led to problems in subsequent repayment

this customer has actually bought a variety of brands, and there has been no fixed brand. This is related to his grumpy temper and destructive use of equipment

therefore, after the sale of this equipment, it is bound to wrangle over customer communication and equipment quality issues. Sure enough, this business finally had a very unpleasant problem. In fact, this will test the experience of the credit audit. Although the business looks good, if the profit of this business is obviously more than the cost of disputes in the later stage, we should carefully consider whether to make an order

3 anti loss order

this is mainly about acuity. The common problem is not to sell what should be sold: the approval speed is too slow; Selection difficulties; Key information is missing

Mr. Cui, a credit audit expert at Beijing Fage, has encountered similar cases in his business. When they examined and approved a single business, they found that the buyer's Bank credit report had obvious card maintenance. There were seven credit cards under his name. The credit limit of each card was fully used, and there was a problem of robbing Peter to pay Paul, and there was also an overdue situation in the repayment record

at the same time, the number of times this customer was queried was proofread, especially the emergence of small loan companies, which showed that the customer had been unable to obtain credit in the bank, and instead sought to borrow funds from small loan companies. Reasonably speaking, such customers should directly refuse orders

however, the result was that this business was passed. It turned out that teacher Cui found in the letter review that although the disreputable man was overdue, he was only overdue once, and the overdue days were very short. In addition, the credit lines of several credit cards were very high, indicating that the financial strength was acceptable. At the same time, the key is that this customer has a property that has been listed in the scope of demolition. After conversion, the demolition compensation is enough to pay off the installment of equipment and the loans of banks and small loan companies

therefore, Mr. Cui finally passed this order, but it was noted in the letter review report that we must always pay attention to the payment of demolition compensation of this customer. Finally, this business is completed safely


changes and changes in the information review system of the construction machinery industry

1 changes in the information review system of the construction machinery industry

(1) to break the misunderstanding, dynamic information review

through the above three misunderstandings and three levels of information review, in fact, you can find that information review is multidimensional, not single, and not limited to pre-sales. Therefore, this is the true face of the credit review system. The credit audit system in the construction machinery industry itself is dynamic. From the review of sales intention to the completion of the withdrawal of funds, the credit audit work is everywhere

facing the revolutionary development of the whole industry, what will the credit audit system be like

in fact, compared with the financial industry with risk control as the core work, the systematic construction of risk control in industrial product credit sales has not been fully implemented, and the credit audit system of construction machinery industry is still in the stage of infrastructure construction. For the credit audit system, the construction machinery industry should first change its understanding. As mentioned above, we should first step out of the misunderstanding and improve the attention to the credit audit

(2) application of new technology

the use of technical means in the information review work will also become a booster for the accuracy of the information review

in the context of the era of big data, there may be a variety of ways and possibilities for customers' information access channels and authenticity identification. The information audit work should find more available technical means with the changes of the times, and constantly innovate in ways and methods

different products, different sales environments, different enterprise management systems and different customers need to build different credit audit models and formulate different operation processes. At the same time, the credit audit system should also take into account the cyclical changes of the industry, appropriately increase the volume when the market is good, and hold the bottom line when the market is bad

2 the information review system of the construction machinery industry remains unchanged

(1) professionalism

what the information review system of the construction machinery industry remains unchanged is its professionalism. The credit sales of the construction machinery industry is different from the traditional credit finance industry, and even more different from the Internet finance which has risen rapidly with the recovery of the economy in recent years. It combines the common characteristics of Finance and sales, which must be considered comprehensively

a single means of financial risk control may increase the risk of adverse selection, pushing high-quality customers to competitors and increasing sales costs. A single sales risk control may increase the risk of creditor's rights

the particularity of the customer group in the construction machinery industry also determines the professionalism of the credit audit. Its main customer group is the front-line constructors of various projects, which also determines the clear direction of the first repayment source, which determines the customer's ability to perform the contract

therefore, the information audit of construction machinery must be deeply rooted in this industry and be able to fully judge the reliability and sustainability of the first repayment source. As for the repayment intention, it is needless to say that it needs the professionalism of the industry to understand the customer's social environment, judge the customer's social position in the social environment, collect the customer's soft information, analyze and quantify it, and then judge the customer's repayment intention

(2) standardization

the same thing about the credit audit system in the construction machinery industry is standardization. In fact, the company's credit audit is the customer threshold or sales caliber, so another risk is the distortion of execution. Therefore, no matter how to set the credit audit model or standard, the core is to form a replicable, procedural and collaborative credit audit module within the company, which will help any white house in the company not lose shape

the figure shows the standardized credit review process customized by Fage using the towerpro version system (part of the display)

in short, according to the current status of the industry credit review system, Fage also launched the credit review products in due course

Fargo believes that a good credit review can at least prevent operational risks and realize the credit review. It is through measuring the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder to obtain the preliminary construction of the displacement of the beam, ensure the integrity of the information of litigation claims, realize litigation, and hold the last line of Defense

the optimized version can manage customers hierarchically according to product classification, increase the approval speed of low-risk products, and strictly control the bad debt rate of high-risk products; If the company has orderly management and is willing to invest in the credit audit to form a systematic credit audit system, it can be achieved

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