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Temperature changes affect the rate of microbial degradation of plastics

in order to solve the ecological problems caused by the difficulty of natural degradation of traditional plastics, many countries are developing new plastics with polyhydroxyfatty acid esters as raw materials that can be degraded by aquatic bacteria. However, Russian experts recently found that this will reduce the use threshold of businesses, and the abnormal rise in temperature and other weather factors will greatly reduce the biodegradation rate of this plastic

according to Russian media reports a few days ago, some bacteria can synthesize an intracellular polyester, polyhydroxyfatty acid ester, as a carbon source for its growth. The performance of this material is similar to that of traditional plastic polypropylene. The polymer plastic processed with it can be gradually degraded into small molecules such as carbon dioxide and water by several kinds of aquatic bacteria. In order to further study the degradation characteristics of this plastic, experts from the Institute of biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences made thin sheets of polyhydroxy fatty acid esters and put them into nylon bags, which were immersed about 1 meter below the level of a tributary of the Yenisei River. Then, these thin sheets are fished out and weighed on time, and the degradation rate of the thin sheets is calculated

the results show that aquatic bacteria can easily wear out in a few days and nights and degrade this kind of sheet by 1 mg. However, if the local temperature rises abnormally in spring and the temperature of the experimental water reaches 13.4 ℃, cyanobacteria in the water will breed in large numbers, which will have an adverse impact on the living environment of sheet degrading bacteria and reduce the rate of degradation of polyhydroxyfatty acid esters by 97.5%. When winter comes, the number of these degrading bacteria will decrease sharply. If the temperature is still high next spring, then 17 The degradation process of Mud Hydrometer test sheet will be greatly prolonged

experts believe that the above findings show that climate change and the development of some new materials are not two separate research topics, and climate anomalies will significantly affect the research results of new materials

source: Shenzhen packaging

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