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Looking at the challenges and inflection points of new auto retail from the perspective of peanut cars

Chen Pengyun was deeply touched when the winter bud that was conceived ushered in the inflection point, "Great enterprises are children in winter. The characteristics of enterprises that have experienced winter are very similar to those of great enterprises. We will do in-depth strategic and tactical thinking, do a lot of cost control and efficiency optimization, and do more extensive vertical and horizontal cooperation to stimulate the inflection point of spring buds. We hope that when winter goes and spring comes, we will still maintain the mood and attitude of winter."

on August 11, the 12th 2020 China Automotive blue book forum with the theme of "winter bud", the annual Top summit of Chinese automotive industry leaders held by automotive business review, opened in Wuhan, the city of heroes this year. This forum was attended by 200 industry leaders, including Xu Liuping, Zhu Yanfeng, Xu Heyi, an Jin, Wei Jianjun, Cao Dewang, Zeng Yuqun, Wang Jun, Li Bin, he Xiaopeng, and 22 important round table topics and 30 wonderful speeches

as the first peanut car to enter the automobile circulation market in the direct rent mode, it was invited to participate in this forum. Co founder Chen Pengyun and many experts in the industry explored the new development trend of automobile retail

the traditional concept is that in terms of business model, as a vehicle manufacturer, the OEM is at the top of the industrial chain, but does not directly contact customers. It sells cars to customers through dealers, realizing B2B2C transactions. However, in fact, in China's third, fourth and fifth tier cities, the transaction structure is not the same. About 40% of dealers sell cars in batches to local second tier stores. Second tier stores with mixed quality reach customers and sell them to end consumers

Chen Pengyun believes that in the retail industry, they all choose the end of the industrial chain with CCD metallographic microscope system that is closest to the end customer. The guiding role for customers is gradually strengthened, and the more initiative they have. Peanut good car has been doing terminal retail, and the core of terminal retail is people, goods and factories. "Among the three factors of people, goods and factories in the automotive industry, the most important one is people. On the one hand, this person refers to customers, and on the other hand, it refers to sales or marketing service personnel." Chen Pengyun believes that although the whole process of automotive transactions is expected to be online in the future, at least until normal, the transformation process of automotive sales and services cannot be separated from sales personnel within three to five years. "We can drive our stores to the fourth, fifth and sixth lines, even to Suning supermarket, and to the countryside, but the process of taking root requires more service personnel. There are many offline teams of peanut car friendly. At present, there are more than 6000 sales. How to make them have better customer development tools and better ways to provide services to customers through digital means is one of the directions of smart retail we have been discussing." When it comes to employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, which is more important, Chen Pengyun said that Evonik materials help improve road safety in Germany. Employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction complement each other. When employees are satisfied, customers will naturally be more satisfied. "The customer's impression of peanut's good car comes from the employees he contacts, such as the sales circle of friends, such as the sales behavior, which will directly affect the customer's transformation behavior, and even the customer's subsequent re purchase or new customer referral, all depend on a certain sales in each store." Therefore, Chen Pengyun's management team also reflected on the reconstruction of the relationship with front-line personnel. In July this year, peanut auto broke the seemingly separated employment relationship with front-line personnel, implemented the partnership plan, and upgraded all sales to the company. Heyinxi technology will rely on cobalt resources, and through full ownership, enable them to better serve customers in the front-line battlefield, and achieve their own career through their knowledge, wisdom, and contacts, rather than just taking peanut auto as a job. Autumn wind urges summer leaves, spring rain calls winter buds. As Mr. Jia Ke, chairman of China Automotive blue book forum and general manager of automotive business review, mentioned, the current global automotive world and the world environment are very unstable. China's automobile industry is experiencing three periods of superposition:

Third, the global political and economic situation is in a period of serious uncertainty. The central government has also determined the latest development pattern judgment of "internal circulation as the main body, internal and external circulation promoting each other"

the superposition of three phases makes people shudder, but for the new generation of consumers, the challengers who rush in, and the Autobots who dare to break their cage, now is the best time to breed winter buds

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